ABC of Fruits and Vegetables


To create an online training program, the ABC of Fruits and Vegetables, and to position it as an indispensable tool for the handling and storage of fruits and vegetables in Mexico and Central America, from their source to their final destination.


Based on the experience that Grupo PM has in the handling of fruits and vegetables, we have developed an electronic training system, whichprovides an additional alternative for the training of personnel that handles fruits and vegetables, from the small retailer to the major importers and wholesale businesses in the country, that also reaches the most important supermarket chains in Mexico and other countries.

The course includes the following topics:

1. Overall features of fruits and vegetables
2. Classification, respiratory intensity and ripening
3. Sensitivity to ethylene, humidity, odors and cold
4. Handling of fruits and vegetables
5. Recommendations for storage
6. Contamination of fruits and vegetables
7. Recommendations for exhibition
8. Nutritional features of fruits and vegetables


The ABC of Fruits and Vegetables has become a greatly demanded supporting tool. Today there are over 2,400 registered users, since it is available to anyone, just by signing up at www.abcdefrutasyverduras.com in order to gain access to the entire information, at no cost. The program has been officially approved by Secretaría del Trabajo y Prevención Social (Labor and Social Care Department) and it is constantly updated according to users’ requirements. In addition APP applications are available to make the best possible use of the training program.